Pacu Jawi Schedule for 2017

Travel to Sumatra

Welcome to Sumatra, the Island of Gold, known as Swarnadwipa. Sumatra is a paradise island for any adventure traveler. Witness the the great race of Pacu Jawi or Cow/Bull Race (one of the oldest cultural event), Climb smoking volcanoes, cut through muddy swampy wetland, seeing orang-utan, hike in rain forest, or surfing the Mentawai Island’s wave and bike Tour de Singkarak every year.

Explore different traditional cultures within each step you take and don’t forget to taste local cuisine... You want to travel to Sumatra more than ever!

Top 7 Great Photo Spots in Sumatra:

  1. Pulau Weh for underwater photographer
  2. Karo Highlands, on the top of two volcanoes (Sibayak and Sinabung)
  3. Nias Islands, catch the traditional lompat batu (stone jumping) and professional surfer
  4. Harau Valley, with waterfalls and stunning view you won’t easily forget
  5. Pacu Jawi (Cow / Bull Race) in the land of Minangkabau
  6. Belitung Island, with pristine white beach and stone formation along the coast
  7. Kerinci Seblat Natural Reserve afford plenty of landscape view

Top 7 Adventures Travel in Sumatra:

Check our Pacu Jawi (Cow / Bull race) Photo Tour here.


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